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We are very happy that you chose WIIZ as your matrix homeserver. We are a small group that seeks to encourage using decentralized and free (as in free speech) services. You can partner up with your friends and have your own Matrix server; we will be happy to aide you in the process. This is our ideal scenario which will help the expansion of Matrix network, alternatively you can use WIIZ and we will be happy to host you. However, our resources are limited. Increasing the number of our users might affect the quality of our services. We hope that we can keep the quality of our services in a favorable condition and if necessary, we will allocate more resources to our server for this purpose.

If you would like to start your own server with our guidance and technical assistance, give us financial support, or know more about us, contact us on Matrix:


Currently, WIIZ includes several different services, the most popular of which is our Matrix server for chat + voice and video calls.

Due to Matrix’s support for end-to-end encryption and its inherent security, as long as you enable End-to-End Encryption in your rooms, you can be sure of your data security and personal privacy to a great extent. Even we, who own the server, will not have access to your messages. Remember that you don’t need to enter your email or mobile number to create an account on Matrix. You can create an account and use it without worrying about compromising your personal information and privacy. However, you can connect your account to your email or mobile number and set whether the others can search and find you based on your email and mobile number or not. You are in contol of your privacy and security. You get to choose.

You can use any of our web clients for Matrix. Use whichever suits you best! Some clients are listed below, all of them are different web clients for the same server:

Matrix has its own separate Android/Linux/Windows/iOS clients and you can use WIIZ server via those applications without opening the web clients too.

If you like to host your own Matrix, Jitsi, email, or DeltaChat server, you can use the help offered by our volunteers, as we intend to encourage the use of free software and services and make the world a freer and better place for all.

We publish maintenance news on our Telegram channel:

Note that most of the conversations in this channel are in Persian.

Best wishes,
WIIZ team.